• Marijuana decriminalization bill passage was without sine die drama
  • Not one (as in none) of the Richmond-related bills ever made it to the Floor of the opposite Chamber
  • General Assembly seems confident that their Richmond fallback idea, the Budget Reconciliation amendment to address funding for representation of indigent arrestees will satisfy Court of Appeals scrutiny (If they’re confident, aren’t you?)
  • Maryland Electronic Courts bill died as early, and by such a wide margin as it did (3 yes – 8 no)
  • SB 805 – Maryland Collaborative Law Act passed unamended
  • HB 1051-Film Production Activity Tax Credit Program dies in Conference Committee (they usually love their film & TV!)


  • Neither of the bills creating Additional Judgeships ever stood a chance
  • None of the medical malpractice bills ever moved after their respective bill hearings
  • HB 568 – Award of Attorney’s Fees and Expenses in Civil Actions died early in the session
  • The large number of bills that die in the waning hours of an election year Session, due to the lengthy testimonials to, and farewells from departing and retiring legislators